Our country and economy are shaking off the effects of the lockdown, but our future is still far from certain.


One of the few things we can count on is bringing you another information-filled issue of SHALE. Our experts and contributors have again come together to keep you informed during the fast-paced changes the energy industry is experiencing during this time of COVID-19. 


We are honored to have Mike Howard on the cover of SHALE. In his interview with David Blackmon, we learn to identify our priorities and live by them. This is a lesson the pandemic is teaching us all.


This year has already been more than eventful, but let’s not forget it is also an election year, and it is one the energy industry will be watching closely. In this issue, we look at changes the industry could see depending on the election results. And, closer to home, we examine what the upcoming school year will be like.


Don’t forget SHALE and Texas Energy Advocates Coalition (TEAC) will be presenting our annual State of Energy Luncheon in Corpus Christi at the Omni Hotel on Sept. 22. Our featured speakers will be Sean Strawbridge, CEO, Port of Corpus Christi and Mike Howard, CEO, Howard Energy Partners.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and we hope you join us at the State of Energy Luncheon. 

Kym Bolado

CEO/Publisher of SHALE Magazine/Editor-in-Chief

[email protected]

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