Make Plans to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

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It’s that time of the year when the weather is becoming more and more beautiful, the flowers are blooming and the days are getting longer. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of all the new beginnings happening in nature and implement a few new changes in our day-to-day lives.

Every year in March, we celebrate National Nutrition Month. It’s a whole month designated to developing healthier habits for ourselves, friends and family. Many of us may spend more time at work than at home. If this is the case for you, it may be a good idea to bring some healthier habits into the workplace.

Lunch break

Female business executive holding exercise mat and shoes in officeAt times it feels like 24 hours in the day are somehow not enough. Now we can’t change the fact that there are indeed only 24 hours, but we can change the way we spend them. For example, if you have an hour for your lunch break, try spending 30 minutes eating and 30 minutes doing some physical activity. Try going for a walk outside around the building and create a step challenge with some of your colleagues. You’ll feel much more awake after your walk, which in turn will lead to a more productive afternoon. If you’re not able to walk outside, try doing some exercises at your desk, such as tricep dips, lunges or weighted arm raises.

Homemade granola energy bars with figs oatmeal almond dry cranberry chia and sunflower seeds healthy snack copy spaceHealthy snacking

Many times we get so caught up with work without even realizing that we missed our lunch break. In cases like this, it’s a good idea to keep some healthy snacks at your desk to avoid mindlessly eating high-calorie foods or being tempted by candy on someone’s desk. For example, you could stock your desk with H-E-B PassioNut Bars. These bars come in a variety of delicious, satisfying flavors that are sure to keep you full with the fiber and protein they contain. If you have a refrigerator at work, try keeping H-E-B Ready Fresh Go packs, which are great for when you need a quick snack.

Pack a lunch

Lunch box with sandwich vegetables juice nuts and apple on black background. Healthy eating. Flat lay.Oftentimes, we end up blowing our calorie budget when we go out to eat for fast food or at a nice restaurant. To avoid situations like this, try setting a goal for bringing your lunch a few days out of the week. Doing so may prevent you from overindulging in appetizers or high-calorie drinks. If you can’t avoid going out for a lunch meeting, be sure you’re still setting yourself up to be successful. This means making sure you are not starving when you reach the restaurant. This could cause you to overindulge and it makes saying no that much harder. Try having a protein- or fiber-rich snack before you go to lunch so that you’re able to feel satisfied after eating a smaller portion — like a serving of pistachios or an H-E-B Cheese Stick.

Even though March is our only designated National Nutrition Month, we can make it a yearlong event by making healthier choices every single day.


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