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MIZU Integrative Medicine Clinic + Float Center is a new luxury clinic that utilizes evidence-based general medicine services combined with research-proven complementary therapies such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutrition and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Co-Founders, Drs. Hannah and Mahyar BadreiThe idea behind MIZU, which means “waterˮ in Japanese, was developed after my husband, Dr. Mahyar Badrei, and I immersed ourselves in the culture of Japan’s Kyoto region. There, we witnessed an inspiring aesthetic and lifestyle approach that helped crystalize our new vision of wellness and healthcare.

MIZU is the first luxury medical clinic to offer Flotation Therapy, also known as restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST), at its Float Center via three state-of-the art flotation pods, housed in private and upscale suites. Flotation Therapy is the perfect complement to our integrative approach of treating the mind and body to achieve optimal wellness.

Having earned a Ph.D. in computational finance at Rice University and transitioning from a high octane and successful career in energy management to drive this new clinic concept, I’m very familiar with high-stress environments and the need to fully disconnect and reboot.

Our state-of-the art flotation pods, resembling sleek, futuristic spaceships, are the size of a small compact car. Each pod is filled with a highly saturated solution of 1,100 pounds of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) and purified water, only 10 inches deep, which is heated to the exact skin temperature. While inside the pod, you experience sensory deprivation; the lines between the body and the water surface are blurred, allowing you to be effortlessly suspended and gravity-free. While guests have the option to completely shut the pod or leave it open, turn on a soothing blue light with music, or completely eliminate the sound and light, all of the options create a deeply relaxing environment.

A favorite of high-performance athletes such as J.J. Watt and Stephen Curry and celebrities from coast to coast, Flotation Therapy has been shown, through clinical research, to induce deep relaxation, promote meditation, reduce stress hormone levels, relieve joint and muscle pain, and reduce blood pressure. After a few sessions, some floaters have also reported improved muscle recovery time, increased athletic performance, enhanced creativity and mental clarity, and heightened concentration and focus.

Personally, I feel better after one float than any 90-minute massage, and I sleep wonderfully that evening. One of the added benefits of magnesium sulfate, especially for women, is that it exfoliates and hydrates your skin and hair, leaving it feeling smooth and silky afterward.
MIZU’s unique concept involves targeting all five senses and providing a luxurious and tranquil environment that is conducive to optimal wellness and relaxation. The clinic’s entire aesthetic is an exercise in thoughtful, sensory-driven design meant to stimulate specific cognitive responses. Every detail, including the abstract art, colors, lighting, aroma and music, was carefully selected based on research to appeal to the patient’s five senses.

173_10-13-16fWe have also worked with an American-based master tea blender to create six proprietary herbal teas, which were all formulated based on clinical research to be palatable with optimal health benefits. All of the tea blends (Energy, Serenity, Digestion, Wellness, Detox and Immunity) are available for purchase in the clinic or on our website. After each guest floats, we brew a tea of their choice to enjoy while relaxing in the lobby.

MIZU really is the way we need to experience healthcare; this is not concierge or boutique medicine. Our concept promotes health and wellness in a unique environment and context while still providing the traditional medical care with which we are familiar. Integrative medicine, and complementary therapies like Flotation Therapy, is the future of wellness. We are proud to bring this unique, upscale, integrative medicine solution to Houstonians.


For more information and to book your next MIZU float, visit www.mizumed.com.


Photos by: Sofia van der Dys


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