Highlights from CERAWeek 2023: The World’s Premier Energy Conference

CERAWeek 2023

Coined by Politico as the industry’s Super Bowl, CERAWeek, rated one of the top five overall corporate leader conferences in the world, is considered the most prominent annual gathering of CEOs and ministers from the global energy and utilities, automotive, manufacturing, policy, and finance industries. CERAWeek is an annual energy conference, hosted by S&P Global, that takes place in Houston, Texas. CERAWeek brings together key figures to discuss the most recent developments in oil, gas, and energy. 

The theme for this year’s conference, held on March 6–10, 2023, was “Navigating a Turbulent World: Energy, Climate, and Security.”

The conference brought together global leaders, policymakers, and executives from the energy, climate, finance, technology, and industry sectors to engage in dialogue and share insights and best practices for navigating challenges faced in the oil, gas, and energy industries. The summit yielded several key takeaways. The U.S. Energy Secretary first discussed investments in the energy transition, oil and gas production, and energy security. Second, since over 90% of American buildings are smaller than 50,000 square feet and the built environment accounts for roughly 30% of worldwide energy consumption, buildings, and their energy use were a prominent topic of discussion. Finally, there is still considerable work to be done to achieve the established energy objectives, though progress is being made. 

In summary, CERAWeek 2023 brought attention to the complex and rapidly evolving energy business landscape as well as the necessity for ongoing collaboration and innovation to prepare for the future.

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