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Road Safety

By: Omar Garcia

The safety of those living, working and driving on the roads within the Eagle Ford Shale region is a top priority for the South Texas Energy & Economic Roundtable (STEER) and its members.

The benefits that have come from the Eagle Ford Shale in terms of job growth, community development and economic impact are unprecedented. The growth of the Eagle Ford Shale play has manifested a need to increase investment in education and roads. As the amount of vehicles on the roads continues to increase, the need for all of us to implement safe driving practices becomes even more important.

STEER and its members are committed to being the leading educational resource relating to the oil and natural gas industry in South Texas. The oil and gas industry throughout the Eagle Ford Shale region continuously works to find ways to decrease the amount of traffic on the road, which includes increasing pipeline infrastructure, honing logistics to decrease truck traffic and donating supplies for roadwork. Processes like infill drilling programs and drilling multiple wells on one site are drastically lowering the amount of trucks needed on the road. The ever-expanding pipeline infrastructure also helps alleviate trucks hauling oil and water.

STEER and its member companies have partnered with the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Department of Public Safety to make our roads safer through public education. The Be Safe. Drive Smart. campaign was created to remind drivers of these simple techniques we can all use to make the roads safer:

• Buckle up.
• Don’t drive when you’re drowsy.
• Pay attention (no texting or talking on cell phones).
• Drive safe speeds.
• Stop at stop signs and red lights.
• Pass carefully.
• Never drink and drive.

While these techniques might seem to be common sense, each one has been identified as a leading cause of preventable accidents. STEER and its members follow these guidelines along with additional strict policies and programs to encourage safe driving. We encourage the public and other industries to implement these simple practices. In addition to the standards each employer initiated, many companies utilize devices to monitor driver performance.

In 2013 there were 3,377 fatal accidents on the roads of Texas – we can all do our part to decrease the number of accidents in South Texas. The protection, preservation and health of the environment, communities and individuals are a top priority in the oil and natural gas industry in South Texas. Together, we will work to decrease the amount of accidents within the Eagle Ford Shale region. Preventable accidents can easily be deterred with very simple techniques.

Remember to Be Safe. Drive Smart.

If you are interested in more information, visit www.steer.com or email [email protected].

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